Dr. Heather Sheardown

Professor, Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University  

Scientific Director, C20/20 Innovation Hub 

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Ophthalmic Biomaterials

Sheardown is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, and the International Union of Societies of Biomaterials and Engineering. She has an international reputation for her research on ophthalmic biomaterials, including her innovative work on the development of new materials for artificial cornea and ophthalmic drug delivery. Sheardown has published extensively and holds several peer reviewed grants. She holds numerous patents on materials and drug delivery systems for treating conditions in the eye including several patents in conjunction with companies for the development of specific products and a recently granted patent on mucoadhesive micelles for treatment of dry eye. These micelles are the subject of a spin out company, 20/20 OptimEyes, which is focused on formulating the micelles with cyclosporine A for the treatment of dry eye disease. Sheardown also currently leads a large Ontario Research Fund (ORF) project specifically aimed at the development and testing of ocular drug delivery systems for the front and back of the eye, targeting conditions including dry eye disease, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. Sheardown has worked extensively with major ophthalmic materials companies including Vistakon, CIBA Vision, Coopervision, AMO, Eyegate, Interface Biologics Inc. and Mannin Research Inc.  Sheardown has consulted for Health Canada as an expert witness in the field of biomaterials. She has participated on several peer review panels for NSERC, CIHR and the National Science Foundation. Sheardown is a member of the International Society for Contact Lens Research as well as the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and the International Society for Eye Research. She has an active and vibrant research group of 10 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Sheardown has recently received funding to use the patented micelle technology as a vehicle for prophylactic drug delivery to the nose and lung.  If successful, this technology will be an important line of defence in the fight against Covid-19.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Naveed Yasin, 2019 Dr. Vida Rahmani, 2019 Dr. Emilia Bakaic, 2017 Dr. Megan Dodd, 2016 Dr. Jason Zhang, 2016 Dr. Amanda Fawcett, 2014 Dr. Stefan Paterson, 2013 Dr. Holly Lorentz, 2013 Dr. Scott Fitzpatrick, 2012 Dr. Marta Princz, 2012 Dr. Andrea Weeks, 2012 Dr. Laura Wells, 2011 Dr. Mohammed Jafar Mazumder, 2011 Dr. Lakshman Subbaraman, 2011 Dr. Johan Alauzun, 2009 Dr. Maud Gorbet, 2007 Dr. Jack Guo, 2005 Dr. Hong Chen, 2004 Dr. Kibret Mequanint, 2003 Dr. Yan Gao, 2006

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Degree Frances Lasowski, ChE 2019 Ivana Postic, ChE 2018 Myrto Korogiannaki, ChE 2018 Fei Xu, BME 2017 Ben Muirhead, BME 2017 Vida Rahmani, ChE 2017 Marion Jamard, BME 2016 Scott Fitzpatrick, BME 2012 Marta Princz, ChE 2011 Geetha Mahadevan, ChE 2011 Bahram Amoozgar, BME 2011 Andrea Weeks, BME 2010 Laura Wells, ChE 2010 Diana Morarescu, BME 2009 Bettina Klenkler, ChE 2007 Derek Duan, ChE 2006 Larry Unsworth, ChE 2005 Mary King, ChE 2003 Master's Degree Payal Lahoti, BME 2020 Aakash Shaw, ChE 2020 Samuel Dong, BME 2019 Nadine Shaabana, BME 2018 Jeffrey Leung, ChE 2018 Alysha Spadafora, BME 2017 Nicole Mangiacotte, ChE 2017 Cheryl Bachan, BME 2017 Graeme Prosperi-Porta, BME 2015 Michelle Fernandes, ChE 2013 Giuliano Guidi, ChE 2013 Robyn Perry, ChE 2013 Myrto Koroyannaki, ChE 2012 Madiha Khan, BME 2012 Mayra Tzoc, BME 2011 Helen So, BME 2010 Meghan Marshall, ChE 2009 David Morrison, BME 2008 Renita D'Souza, BME 2008 Neven Awad, BME 2008 Zahra Nathu, H.Sc. 2008 Mark Van Beek, ChE 2006 Marta Princz, ChE 2006 Frank Zhang, ChE 2006 Andrew Mikhail, ChE 2006 Alex Yeung, ChE 2005 Laura Wells, ChE 2005 Lina Liu, ChE 2003 Sal Thomas, ChE 2003 Kim Merrett, ChE 2002 Derek Duan, ChE 2001 Brandi Meeks, ChE 2000 Robin McMillan, ChE 1998

Undergraduate Students

Hannah Mann - Summer student 2020 Erika Bruulsema - Summer student 2020 Natasha Reis-Murray - Thesis student 2019-2020 William Doan Nguyen - Thesis student 2019-2020 Wahi Mohamed - Thesis student 2019-2020 Lindsay Sheardown - Summer student 2020/2019/2018/2017/2016/2015 Jennifer Tian - Thesis student 2018-2019 and Summer student 2019/2018 Sofia Czerny-Holownia - Summer student 2020/2019 Tanya Hodkinson - Summer student 2019 Andrew Rushton - Summer student 2019 Taylor Goostrey - Thesis student 2018-2019 and Summer student 2018/2016 Rama Arafa - Summer student 2017/2018 Annika Yardy - Summer student 2018 Aditya Trivedi - Thesis student 2017-2018 Austin Read - Thesis student 2017-2018 Brandon Ng - Thesis student 2017-2018 and Summer student 2017 Katya D'Costa - Thesis student 2017-2018 and Summer student 2015 Kajal Bhardwaj - Thesis student 2017-2018 and Summer student 2017 Rama Al-Atout - Thesis student 2017-2018 and Summer student 2017 Vladimir Gritsichine - Summer student 2017 Marina Manoraj - Summer student 2017 Samantha Veltri - Summer student 2017 Patrick Hehl - Summer student 2017 Moiz Mikail Ali - Summer student 2016 Ellen Mays - Summer student 2016 Bailey Hume - Summer student 2016 Andrea Obungen - Summer student 2016 Jay Modi - Summer student 2015 Jeffrey Leung - Summer student 2015